House of Representatives issues resolution to impeach Trump

House Votes On Resolution To Remove Trump Via 25th Amendment | NBC News

House of Representatives issues resolution to impeach Trump

President accused of; inciting mutiny in connection with his role in recent unrest

The House of Representatives on Monday released the text of a resolution declaring impeachment against President Donald Trump, accusing him of “inciting mutiny” in connection with his role in the recent Capitol riots.

The authors of the text point to the president’s repeated allegations of election fraud, to his speech in front of a crowd of supporters that subsequently invaded the Capitol building, as well as to Trump’s conversation with the secretary of state of Georgia.

“By doing so, President Trump has endangered the security of the United States and government institutions,” the resolution says. “He has jeopardized the integrity of the democratic system, hindered the peaceful transfer of power and endangered the equal branch of government.”.

Earlier, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the House of Representatives on Monday will submit a resolution urging President Donald Trump’s cabinet to apply the 25th Amendment to remove him from office, and if Vice President Mike Pence does not respond within 24 hours, the House of Representatives will begin impeachment proceedings..

“In defending our Constitution and our democracy, we will act urgently because this president poses an immediate threat to them. With each passing day, the terror of the president’s ongoing attack on our democracy is intensifying, as is the need for immediate action, ”Pelosi said in a letter to fellow Democrats..

A logged vote on the resolution is expected to take place on Tuesday.

Neither Trump nor the White House have yet commented on Pelosi’s initiative..

President-elect Biden, taking office January 20, has not taken a definite stance on the impeachment attempt.

“In 10 days, we’ll start moving on and start rebuilding – together,” he tweeted Sunday.

South Carolina Democratic Congressman Jim Cliburn told Fox News Sunday that the House of Representatives could hold an impeachment vote within days, although Trump’s presidency ends next week..

It is unlikely that the Senate will hold an impeachment trial before Trump’s term expires, although this could be done after the change of administration. If Senators convict, Trump will no longer be able to hold federal office.

However, Cliburn emphasized the need to impeach Trump as soon as possible..

“Our task is to present for impeachment, that is, in fact, to bring charges,” he explained..

Chairman of the US House of Representatives Committee on Procedural Affairs Jim McGovern said the articles of impeachment could be put to a vote as early as Wednesday and expressed confidence that they will be adopted..

“It’s important that we take action, very serious and thoughtful,” he told CNN on Monday. – We expect that they (articles of impeachment) will be submitted for consideration on Wednesday. And I believe that they will be accepted “.

McGovern said he expects Republicans to oppose the call for the 25th Amendment. In this case, his committee will provide a procedural basis for the voting, and a day later will submit a resolution on the issue of impeachment..

House of Representatives issues resolution to impeach Trump

“What the president has done is unimaginable. He must be held accountable, “McGovern said..

Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota said she would submit two articles of impeachment on Monday: “abuse of power” in connection with pressure on Georgia’s electoral administration and “incitement to violence for orchestrating a coup attempt” in connection with the storming of the Capitol..

Lawmakers preparing articles of impeachment said at least 200 Democrats supported the initiative, but needed a majority of 218 to move forward, and none of the Republicans expressed their intention to vote for impeachment. Assistants to House Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy refrained from comment.

Trump and the White House will not comment on the impeachment threat. White House Says Trump Plans To Visit Texas On Tuesday To Highlight Efforts To Build A Wall On The Mexican Border.

Republican Senator Roy Blunt, who chairs Biden’s inauguration planning committee, told CBS News that Trump’s impeachment and removal “clearly won’t take place until his last day in office.”.

Two Republican senators, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, have called on Trump to step down, but the president told his advisers he has no plans to do so..

House of Representatives issues resolution to impeach Trump
House of Representatives issues resolution to impeach Trump

Meanwhile, several American diplomats have condemned Trump for inciting unrest in the Capitol and called for the use of the 25th Amendment to declare him incapacitated and remove him from office..

They expressed fears that events in Washington could undermine the credibility of the United States abroad..

“If the president is not publicly held accountable, it will further damage our democracy and our ability to effectively pursue foreign policy goals abroad,” reads one of the telegrams sent to the State Department leadership..

The Capitol events also had financial implications for the president and other Republicans..

On Sunday night, the PGA of America announced the termination of Trump’s 2022 Championship at Bedminster, New Jersey..

The world’s largest hotel chain Marriott International and health insurance giant Blue Cross Blue Shield said Sunday they would suspend donations to US lawmakers who voted against Biden’s election victory..

Major Banks Including JPMorgan and Citigroup Announce Suspension of All Political Donations.

In Washington, on the eve of the inauguration, heightened security measures are in effect.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, who will soon become Senate Majority Leader, said on Sunday that the threat from extremist groups remains high..

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House of Representatives issues resolution to impeach Trump
House of Representatives issues resolution to impeach Trump

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