Georgian Foreign Ministry: Turkish banks do not service Abkhaz payment cards

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Georgian Foreign Ministry: Turkish banks do not service Abkhaz payment cards

Turkish ambassador calls misinformation from Sukhumi about Abkhaz payment cards; a problem that does not exist

The APRA World bank plastic card, which the Sukhumi separatists present as the “Abkhaz national payment card,” is in fact a part of the Russian MIR payment system. This clarification was made by the Georgian Foreign Ministry after the de facto Abkhazian “National Bank” issued a message on December 21 about the work done by this department aimed “at expanding the geography of accepting national payment cards”, claiming that two large Turkish banks “Is Bank” (” Ishbank “) and” Ziraat Bank “(” Ziraat Bank) “began to serve Abkhaz APRA” World “cards.

The report of the Abkhaz bank also says that today, in addition to Turkey, APRA “World” cards are accepted on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Uzbekistan and Armenia..

“In fact, the APRA card is nothing more than the Russian MIR payment card, which the occupation regime in the Abkhaz region dubbed APRA and presented it as Abkhaz. In reality, the system records only the Russian MIR payment card, and the identification of where the specific bank card linked to the MIR is made is associated with technical difficulties. This is confirmed by our Turkish partners, with whom a number of negotiations have already taken place. Accordingly, we continue to closely cooperate with all partner countries on this issue, ”the Georgian Foreign Ministry said in a statement..

The Georgian Foreign Ministry emphasizes that the international community “resolutely supports” the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia and, as a result of “close cooperation” with Tbilisi, is pursuing a policy of non-recognition of the Georgian territories occupied by Russia.

Opposition reaction

The Georgian opposition criticized the authorities and the country’s National Bank for the belated reaction. Representative of the party of ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili “United National Movement”, former chairman of the National Bank of Georgia Roman Gotsiridze claims that, being the head of the National Bank and having learned that the Russian “Vneshtorgbank” was going to open its own ATM in Sukhumi, he contacted the management of this bank in Moscow and told them that, in response to the Georgian authorities, the branch of “Vneshtorgbank” will lose license in Tbilisi.

“14 years have passed since then and there is no trace of this bank in Abkhazia … The National Bank of Georgia is in hibernation. As soon as we found out about similar facts, we immediately notified the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) about this … Unfortunately, the National Bank launched this case very much, “the oppositionist says..

Georgian Foreign Ministry: Turkish banks do not service Abkhaz payment cards

“The problem that does not exist”

Turkish Ambassador to Georgia Fatma also made an explanation in connection with APRA plastic cards Jeren Yazgan, which on December 23 after a conversation on this topic at the Georgian Foreign Ministry. According to her, in the Georgian Foreign Ministry, she and the Deputy Foreign Minister discussed “a problem that really does not exist.” Yazgan stressed that Turkey recognizes the territorial integrity of Georgia, accordingly, considers it impossible to provide financial services to the occupied territories of this country.

Georgian Foreign Ministry: Turkish banks do not service Abkhaz payment cards
Georgian Foreign Ministry: Turkish banks do not service Abkhaz payment cards

“This is a clear example of how false, unconfirmed information can cause a stir. We have agreed on closer cooperation with the Georgian authorities in order to prevent a repetition of similar cases and mislead the public. As for bank cards and financial services, this issue is again on the agenda and concerns a certain group of Russian cards that offer services to their customers in Turkey. Perhaps they have an agreement with some financial organization located in Sukhumi, which is not authorized to operate in Turkey. Accordingly, everything is clear. I will repeat once again that today we talked about a problem that really does not exist, ”the Turkish Ambassador said..

Let us recall that as a result of the Russian-Georgian war, Russia in 2008 recognized the independence of two Georgian regions – Abkhazia and South Ossetia – and transferred additional troops and weapons to its military bases in these territories. All states of the world – with the exception of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nauru and Syria – recognize these regions as the territory of Georgia occupied by Russia.

Georgian Foreign Ministry: Turkish banks do not service Abkhaz payment cards

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