Georgian army continues to equip with American-made weapons

Georgian Defense Ministry continues to modernize its armed forces in line with NATO standards

Georgia received new weapons with the support of the United States. According to the Georgian Ministry of Defense, as part of the modernization of the armament of the defense forces, large-caliber machine guns of the M2 type with a caliber of 12.7 mm, new automatic grenade launchers MK 19, as well as M249 light machine guns of caliber 5, 56 mm were delivered to Georgia. All this is part of the process of equipping units with American-made weapons..

“Georgian and American instructors from the Combat Training Center (CTC) at the Vaziani training ground conducted demonstration firing of the received weapons,” the ministry said in a February 11 statement..

According to the Ministry of Defense, the purpose of the renovation and modernization process is to strengthen the capabilities of the Georgian Defense Forces and improve interaction with partner countries..
It is noteworthy that earlier Georgia received from the United States anti-tank missile systems (ATGM) “Javelin” (FGM-148 Javelin).

The Javelin is one of the most powerful anti-tank systems, capable of effectively destroying all types of armored vehicles. It can also be used against aircraft that operate at low altitudes, such as helicopters, drones and even aircraft of a certain category..

The Russian Foreign Ministry then called the US decision to sell these anti-tank missile systems to Georgia “disastrous”. Tbilisi said in response that the Javelin anti-tank missile systems are defensive, not offensive weapons, and accordingly, they cannot be used for aggression against anyone..

Natural process

Military analyst and editor-in-chief of the independent military-analytical magazine “Arsenal” Irakli Aladashvili in a commentary for the Russian service of the Voice of America, he noted that in recent years, the Georgian army has been actively replacing old Soviet-made weapons with American.

According to the expert, the M2 heavy machine guns and MK 19 automatic grenade launchers that Georgia received are weapons of approximately the same class as their Soviet counterparts (for example, the NSV Utyos heavy machine gun and the AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher). Given the scale of cooperation with NATO and the fact that the Georgian military is involved both in the peacekeeping missions of the Alliance and in multinational exercises, it became necessary to equip the Georgian forces with weapons that NATO countries use..

“On the battlefield, it is important that all forces are equipped with the same weapons – the scenario according to which units of different countries will have to supply different types of ammunition is extremely difficult. So, the renewal and supply of the Georgian army with weapons that meet NATO standards in the context of our aspiration to the North Atlantic Alliance is logical, “Aladashvili said in an interview with the Russian service of the Voice of America..

A step closer to NATO membership

Political scientist Niko Toidze considers the process of modernization of the armament of the Georgian defense forces extremely important, as, in his words, “this is another step that brings Georgia closer to NATO”.

Why NATO? Because this is the only guarantee of Georgia’s security, which is extremely important. At the same time, NATO also means life in a democratic, free country with a better standard of living than it was in the period “before NATO,” the political scientist is convinced.

The expert says that the sooner the Georgian side satisfies all the requirements of the Alliance necessary for membership, the sooner the arguments of opponents of the country’s admission to NATO will be exhausted, in particular about the fact that Georgia is “not ready yet”.

“Even if Georgia fulfills all NATO requirements, there is a real likelihood that in NATO itself opponents of Georgia’s membership in the Alliance will still be against it, but the task of Tbilisi is to be and remain in the best shape despite all the obstacles even when the window is opened. opportunities to be able to take advantage of the given chance “, – summed up the expert.

Let us remind you that Tbilisi has been striving to join the North Atlantic Alliance for years. Since 2008, after each summit, the NATO leadership assures Georgia that in the future the country will definitely become a member of the North Atlantic Alliance and that this depends on the success of the reforms carried out in the country..

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