Former US Special Forces officer arrested on charges of espionage for Moscow

Ex-Army officer charged with espionage | GMA

Former US Special Forces officer arrested on charges of espionage for Moscow

Former officer; Green Berets, according to investigators, was recruited by Russian intelligence back in 1996

Last Friday, FBI agents arrested a former US Army Special Forces officer, commonly known as the Green Berets, on charges of spying for Moscow. This is stated in a statement by the US Department of Justice, released on Saturday..

The 45-year-old American, Peter Raphael Dzibinski-Debbins, was recruited by the Russians back in 1996, before he joined the Special Forces. Dzibinski-Debbins recruited after several trips to Russia, where his mother lives, added in the Ministry of Justice.

While studying at the university in Chelyabinsk, he met with agents of the Russian special services, telling them that he was a “son of Russia” and adheres to pro-Russian views. In 1997, Debbins, known to the Russian secret services as “Ikar Lesnikov”, married his Russian girlfriend, the daughter of a military man, and he himself went to serve in the US Army.

Several years later, he told his Russian handlers that he wanted to leave the army, but instead they forced him to stay, convincing the agent to join the Green Berets. In 2001, Dzibinski-Debbins joined the ranks of the US Army Special Forces, and two years later received an officer’s rank, serving in Germany and later in Azerbaijan. He had a high level of security clearance.

Dzibinski-Debbins left the service in 2005, but maintained regular contact with the Russians while running his business in Minnesota. His last contact with the Russian curators mentioned in the indictment was in 2011, when he told them he was moving to Washington..

In the same year, according to his LinkedIn profile, he began working for several defense and intelligence contractors in Washington DC, while attending a postgraduate course at the World Politics Institute, specializing in national security and intelligence..

On the Institute’s website, Dzibinski-Debbins is featured as a cyber intelligence and hybrid warfare instructor for the US and NATO European Command. Since February, as stated on his LinkedIn page, Dzibinski-Debbins became a professor at the Ukrainian-American Humanities Institute at Wisconsin International University in Ukraine..

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He was charged with one count of conspiracy to provide defense information to a foreign government. The maximum punishment under this article is life imprisonment..

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Former US Special Forces officer arrested on charges of espionage for Moscow
Former US Special Forces officer arrested on charges of espionage for Moscow

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“The facts presented in this case are shocking how the former army officer betrayed his fellow soldiers and his country,” FBI counterintelligence officer Alan Kohler said in a statement..

Former US Special Forces officer arrested on charges of espionage for Moscow
Former US Special Forces officer arrested on charges of espionage for Moscow

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