Experts: destructive forces are behind the attack on a hospital in Kabul

Afghanistan: Gunmen storm hospital compound in Kabul

Experts: destructive forces are behind the attack on a hospital in Kabul

According to American analysts, recent events in Afghanistan will not affect the peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban

As a result of the attack, militants took over one of the most famous hospitals in Kabul, which houses a maternity ward, which is under the patronage of Médecins Sans Frontières. More than 20 innocent people were killed – including newborns, their mothers and health workers. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned the attack.

“Any attack on innocent people is unforgivable, but an attack on babies and women in labor in a maternity hospital is an absolute atrocity. The Taliban and the Afghan government must work together to bring those responsible to justice. Until the level of violence is reduced and progress is made towards a political settlement, Afghanistan will remain vulnerable to terrorism, ”the Secretary of State said in a statement..

Mike Pompeo noted that the Taliban denies involvement in the attacks and condemns them.

Former US Special Representative for Afghanistan, and now an expert at the RAND Research Corporation James Dobbins (James Dobbins) believes that destructive elements are behind the attack, in particular the Islamic State, whose goal is to disrupt the peace process. According to the expert, although the peace process is not on schedule, it is not under threat.

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Experts: destructive forces are behind the attack on a hospital in Kabul



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“From the very beginning, I thought that the deadlines set out in the agreement were unrealistic and that they would probably not be met. While this is so. The exchange of prisoners and the opening of official negotiations did not take place on time. I think that the withdrawal of US troops will not take place on time. But this does not mean that the peace process has stopped. It just means it will take longer than expected, ”says James Dobbins.

Alexander Crowter (Alexander Crowther) – Florida International University expert notes the attack on the hospital is the aftermath of a civil war involving multiple actors.

“Here and there people appear, claiming that they are part of the Taliban movement. The Taliban themselves did not claim responsibility for this attack, as you know. In Afghanistan, there are groups like the Haqqani, which at first were not part of the Taliban, but then became it. Such alliances are impossible to control. Yes, such groups are good for plausible denial. But they become a problem when you want to control the rate of violence. This is the problem facing the Taliban. They want to control it, but not everyone obeys them, “the expert notes..

Alexander Crowther adds that the peace process is not an easy task, especially when there is no winner – neither side has won a military victory in Afghanistan. According to the expert, the solution to the conflict in the country lies in the political plane.

“The parties should be the Taliban, the government of Afghanistan, as well as the United States and Pakistan. For Islamabad, Afghanistan is a strategic rear. And they would prefer an unstable Afghanistan than a stable one – but with an Indian presence in it, just as Russia would prefer an unstable Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia to stable neighbors that can join the European Union or NATO. At the same time, the Taliban will have to give up part of their power, “says Alexander Crowter..

According to him, it is necessary to take into account the ethnic and regional diversity of the country..

“Whoever came up with a tight, controlling central government in Afghanistan was not considering history. It is necessary to consider the issue of some form of federalism, when the regions have a certain amount of power, as, for example, in Spain, ”the expert said..

Former US Special Envoy for Afghanistan James Dobbins says the hospital attack is another compelling reason to force the Taliban to honor their peace deal..

“We are talking about cooperation between the Taliban and the United States in the fight against the Islamic State. The United States must abide by the signed agreement. At the same time, Washington must insist that the Taliban abide by the agreement. “.

The former US special envoy for Afghanistan stresses that US compliance with the peace agreement depends on how the Taliban follow it, which includes responsibility for the upsurge in violence. On Thursday, the Taliban claimed responsibility for a truck bombing outside a courthouse in the eastern Afghan city of Gardez. The attack killed at least five people and injured 14 more.

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