Department of State: Summit on Religious Freedom

Secretary Pompeo’s remarks on the “Advancing and Defending Religious Freedom through Diplomacy.”

Department of State: Summit on Religious Freedom

The conference will bring together foreign ministers, religious leaders and human rights defenders from around the world

A summit on religious freedom opened at the US State Department on Tuesday. This is the first conference on religious freedom in US history, bringing together officials, religious leaders, human rights activists and civil society representatives from around the world..

The conference was opened by Sam Brownback, US Special Ambassador for Religious Freedom to the World.

Sam Brownback

As US State Secretary Mike Pompeo previously told Vatican News, the summit’s mission is “very simple and important”: it is to highlight “the importance of religious freedom for everyone around the world.”.

“People of any faith should have the right to practice it however they want, and if they choose not to, then they should have the opportunity,” he told Vatican News last week..

According to Pompeo, 40 foreign ministers from around the world will take part in the three-day conference. This is the first time that such a number of foreign ministers will meet at the State Department.

Department of State: Summit on Religious Freedom

Pompeo added that the Trump administration sees a direct link between religious freedom, human rights and economic interests..

“When people are allowed freedom of action regarding their faith, they have the potential for greatness,” said the secretary of state. “Investors prefer countries with greater freedom of religion and consider them more open and less risky.”.

In an interview with Christian Broadcast Network (CBN), Pompeo noted that the conference will lead to a large number of initiatives to be announced during the event. According to him, there is a great benefit in the fact that so many people get together to discuss this topic..

“We know that in many countries there are problems with ensuring freedom of religion. They will see how other countries have overcome these challenges and moved towards a more tolerant society. “.

When asked by CBN about his own faith, Pompeo said, “I am an evangelical Christian. I know that not everyone shares this belief, but it is important. It is important not only for Christians, but also for people of any faith to be able to practice their religion the way they want, and to do it without fear of retribution from the authorities. “.

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