Democrats are close to taking control of the US Senate

Democrats take control of U.S. Senate

Democrats are close to taking control of the US Senate

Democrat Warnock is declared winner of Georgia Senate elections by media, second Democrat leads

WASHINGTON – Georgia Democrats allegedly won one of the U.S. Senate races and lead the second, close to gaining House control and the necessary potential to meet President-elect Joe Biden’s political goals.

According to American media forecasts, Democrat Raphael Warnock won the second round of the Senate in Georgia, becoming the first black senator in the history of the state..

With his victory, the Democratic majority in the Senate was within reach..

The media declared Warnock the winner when his advantage over Kelly Lefleur was over 40 thousand votes and almost all the ballots were counted..

“We were told that we could not win this election, but today we proved that with hope, hard work and people on our side, anything is possible,” Warnock said in an address to his supporters..

Acting Senator Lefleur refused to admit defeat in a short address to supporters shortly after midnight.

“We have some work to do. This is a game where every little thing matters. We will win this election, ”said Lefleur, a former businesswoman who was appointed to the Senate seat by the state governor less than a year ago..

In Georgia’s second election, Democrat John Ossoff is ahead of Republican David Purdue, who is seeking reelection, and the initiative appears to be on his side. At first he was ahead of Purdue by less than 4 thousand votes, and now the gap has widened to 16,000. However, it is believed that even in this case it is too early to sum up the results, given that the counting of votes continues.

Democrats need both of their candidates to win for the party to win a Senate majority and with it control of the new Congress when President-elect Joe Biden takes office in two weeks.

The battle for two Senate seats unfolded between incumbent Republican Senators David Purdue and Kelly Leffler and Democrats – documentary filmmaker John Ossoff and Baptist pastor Rev. Raphael Warnock..

The vote will determine which party will control the upper house of Congress and demonstrate the potential for President-elect Joe Biden to pursue his ambitious campaign strategy..

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told CNN that the official race results could be announced on Wednesday, but the final election result could remain in question for several days if the difference in votes cast for one candidate or another is minimal..

Election Commissioners began counting ballots immediately after polling stations closed at 19:00 EST.

Although not a single Democrat has been able to run for the Senate from Georgia over the past 20 years, opinion polls show that this time, Republicans and Democrats have roughly the same chances of winning..

The second round of elections was required after none of the candidates was able to enlist the support of more than 50% of voters in November.

According to the results of the exit poll conducted by the agency Edison Research, the opinions of voters who took part in the second round of elections in Georgia were equally divided..

Approximately half of the exit poll participants supported the Republicans, while the other half declared their support for the Democrats..

Less than an hour before the end of voting, it was extended in some polling stations by the decision of a judge.

While there was good turnout in some areas, electoral officials spoke of a low turnout early in the day, including in the deeply conservative region where President Donald Trump traveled the previous day to encourage Republican voters to actively vote..

Biden and Trump personally campaigned for their candidates ahead of the election, although some Republicans feared the president might embarrass voters with his incessant allegations of electoral fraud in an effort to undermine Biden’s victory..

Even before Tuesday, Georgia broke its record for second-round turnout when more than three million voters voted by mail or early.

“Georgia! Come out and vote! ” – Trump tweeted on Tuesday urging his supporters to vote for the two Republican candidates.

If just one of the two Republican candidates wins, Biden will have a hard time securing approval for his most ambitious plans to expand government-backed health insurance programs, bridge racial inequality and tackle climate change..

Georgia’s vote marks the official end of a busy 2020 election season, more than two months after voting wrapped up in the rest of the country.

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