CSTO Global Security Initiative: A View from Ukraine

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CSTO Global Security Initiative: A View from Ukraine

Analysts believe that we can talk about an attempt to legalize territorial changes in the post-Soviet space

The members of the Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization called on the international community “by joint efforts” “to confront global challenges and ensure the global security of mankind.” This is stated in the statement published on December 2 “on the formation of a just and sustainable world order” on behalf of the CSTO participants.

“In this regard, we propose to organize a meeting of authorized representatives of the CSTO, CIS, SCO, OSCE, NATO and the EU to discuss the security strategies adopted in these organizations as a first step towards the formation of an indivisible security space,” the statement reads, the text of which is posted on the Kremlin website.

The initiative, according to its authors, will “help to strengthen the global system of counteraction to new challenges and threats based on international law, primarily the UN Charter, formed under the auspices of the UN”.

“Global and regional issues must be tackled through dialogue and cooperation based on multi-stakeholder collective approaches in an atmosphere of openness, inclusiveness and predictability,” the statement says..

The document was adopted following the results of a videoconference session of the CSTO Collective Security Council with the participation of the Presidents of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, acting the President of Kyrgyzstan and the Prime Minister of Armenia.

Experts on NATO Challenges

As the BBC Ukrainian Service reported on December 2, in a new report on NATO’s strategy for the next ten years, experts emphasize that in the new international environment, characterized by geopolitical confrontation, it is extremely important for the North Atlantic Alliance to maintain and strengthen internal unity.

“NATO is critically in need of political unity on priority issues simply because of the scale of the threats, especially in the face of the simultaneous geopolitical and ideological challenge from Russia and China,” the report says..

The world in which Crimea is occupied

Head of the Internet community “Ukraine is in the EU! Prospects and development “political scientist Dmitry Voronkov believes that Russia’s initiative to “form a just and sustainable world order” can be aimed at consolidating territorial changes in the post-Soviet space.

“It can be assumed that the main goal of the Kremlin is to legally legalize the territorial changes that have taken place on the territory of the post-Soviet space. Redistribution in Nagorno-Karabakh and the occupation of Crimea – to justify the need for collective security. If this succeeds, then the West should have no claims to Russia and the need to increase sanctions for Crimea, ”Dmitry Voronkov told the Voice of America correspondent..

The political scientist notes that NATO and the collective West are not interested in the project of strengthening Russia, allied relations in the territory of the former USSR.

“There is such a phrase – you need to be closer to the enemy in order to understand his policy. Therefore – from a position of foresight – NATO can react to this declaration without legally supporting it, “Voronkov says..

In his opinion, the reaction of Western countries to the CSTO initiative may be similar to an interest in the mainstream of the “strategic intelligence discussion”.

About the logic of empires

Political expert of the Ukrainian Club Vitaly Litvinenko believes that the decision to “form a just and sustainable world order” is unlikely to be interesting outside the countries of the former Soviet Union.

“Moreover, the very paradigm of a“ just and sustainable world order ”is the logic of the 19th century, when there were zones of interests of empires. Today it is a weak position to talk about areas of interest. It is worth talking about the logic of ethno-national formations – Russia is also playing on this field – it has the concept of the “Russian world”, which has no future. In order to build the “Russian world”, you need a strong army and economy, which Russia does not have, “Litvinenko said in an interview with a correspondent for the Russian service of the Voice of America..

Since the attack on Ukraine, any Russian concept of peace is unviable, the expert emphasizes..

CSTO Global Security Initiative: A View from Ukraine
CSTO Global Security Initiative: A View from Ukraine

From that moment on, the concept of the “Russian world” died, says Litvinenko..

At the same time, he is convinced that in the logic of the Western world, Ukraine, which is at war with Russia, can count on support and assistance, but not on NATO membership..

Ukraine’s challenge is to strengthen security

Deputy Director of Situations Modeling Alexey Golobutsky believes that the desire for a “just world order” may be an attempt to pragmatically determine who is ready to follow in the wake of the Kremlin’s policies.

“As the events in Karabakh show, the CSTO is more a formality than a reality. The loyalty of the CSTO countries to Moscow’s position is based on discounts on gas and cheap weapons. This is all ineffective in the case of Armenia. Obviously, the Kremlin decided to find out – who is ready not just to talk with their tongues, “Golobutsky notes..

At the same time, he emphasizes that the aspirations of Russia and the CSTO countries do not concern Ukraine’s policy, which should continue to develop the economy and strengthen security..

“From a pragmatic point of view on this decision of the CSTO, NATO could speed up the process of rapprochement with Ukraine: this would be correct, given the military aspect – the Ukrainian army is definitely not worse than the armies of many NATO countries,” the analyst believes.

CSTO Global Security Initiative: A View from Ukraine

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