Crimea in the dry residue

Cut Off: Occupied Crimea Is Drying Out

Crimea in the dry residue

Social networks: in Yalta, water is supplied on schedule, Crimean reservoirs with fresh water are drying up

KIEV – In the communal networks of large cities of Crimea, the supply of drinking water is limited. The so-called head of the Yalta administration Yanina Pavlenko posted on January 11 on her Facebook page the schedule of the city water supply.

According to her, the water supply has been increased by two hours a day, due to “multiple messages” from citizens, since “it is difficult to fit into the water supply schedule and have time to do all household chores before 21.00.”

“Therefore, starting tomorrow, we will increase the water supply in Yalta by 2 hours. Water will be supplied from 06:00 to 10:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00, ”writes Yanina Pavlenko.

In the message, Yanina Pavlenko admits that “despite the fact that the inflows into the reservoirs, alas, are still insignificant, additional sources allow us to soften the schedule – Uch-Kosh, Khasta-Bash, Massandrovsky waterfall, Lake Mogabi, which feeds the awakened and very active waterfall Uchan-Su, as well as others “.

According to Krym.Realii, at a meeting of the operational headquarters on the problems of water supply in Crimea on January 11, she called the situation with water in Yalta stable, and “a great idea” – the choice of a land plot for the construction of a desalination plant.

An officer in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Anatoly Shtefan notes on Facebook that “the Ayanskoye reservoir supplying water to Simferopol has dried up.”.

“She is such a native harbor – with a taste of dry mouth,” emphasizes Anatoliy Shtefan, writes “Ukrainska Pravda” on January 11.

Water. Forecast for Crimea

On the air of the Sputnik in Crimea radio, Anatoly Kopachevsky, director of the research and production company Water Technologies, noted that the year 2021 for Crimea will be more full-flowing than the previous one, but not enough to completely leave the schedules and regime of limited water supply.

“There will be more precipitation, but not enough to go off the schedule. According to my assumptions, even if we keep the current regime of water withdrawal from reservoirs, the reservoirs will be filled by about half by the middle of summer, then there will be little precipitation. And we will have to sit at this half-fullness until the end of the year, until next January, ”he explained, RIA Novosti reports..

Earlier, on January 8, 2021, the head of the department of hydrology and hydrological forecasts of the Crimean Hydrometeorological Center Natalya Okhrimenko noted in an interview that the situation with water in the Crimean reservoirs did not improve, despite precipitation.

According to her, all reservoirs are now “depleted below dead volume”.

“We have a big shortfall. The reservoirs are no longer similar to reservoirs, they are overgrown with grass and bushes, hydraulic structures are endangered. All reservoirs are now depleted below dead volume, that is, less than 30%. And we have 4%, 5%, and 6% (filling of reservoirs – ed.) “, – Okhrimenko told RIA Novosti Crimea.

Crimea. Reality notes that since the end of August 2020, water supply schedules have been introduced in Simferopol, as well as in Simferopol and Bakhchisarai districts. Later it affected Belogorsk and Belogorsk region and partially Alushta.

Russia’s responsibility

In an interview with Obozrevatel, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba noted that “it was Russia who brought Crimea to its handle and created problems with water supply there.”.

“Russia’s attempts to turn this into a Ukrainian problem, accuse us of ‘genocide’, appeal to the UN, are absolutely futile,” the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said..

Water by all means

Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Institute for the Study of Extremism Bohdan Petrenko notes that the extraction of water by any means causes environmental damage to the environment in the occupied peninsula.

“Undoubtedly, this situation should be constantly monitored by Ukraine, be the subject of consideration of international courts in the case when the methods of obtaining water are environmentally hazardous, be the subject of an information war with the occupiers – including for the brains of the Crimean people,” says Bogdan Petrenko to the correspondent of the Russian service “Voice of America”.

Reports that the occupying power on the peninsula intends to use natural waterfalls to supply water demonstrate that “Russia is behaving like a real occupier, not thinking about the future.”.

“De facto, by refusing to build large water supply projects, Russia realizes that it’s in Crimea for a short time, or is pursuing a targeted policy of genocide against Crimeans, forcing them to leave the peninsula,” says Bogdan Petrenko.

He believes that if you do not start to overcome the catastrophe now, then after the return of the peninsula from the occupation, Ukraine may face “the burden of an environmental catastrophe, into which Russia will lead the peninsula.”.

Back in the 50s

Ecologist, executive director of the ecological group Pechenegi Sergey Shaparenko notes that in order to use any watercourses, you first need to build reservoirs for them.

“But further down the river bed, where it used to flow, there will be less water. And the area below the reservoir will dry up, ”Sergei Shaparenko says to the Voice of America Russian Service correspondent..

In the case of water intake from waterfalls or natural springs, according to him, only specialists can calculate the volumes that can be painlessly taken for the needs of people..

“The North-Crimean canal for water supply from Ukraine was built because the peninsula is a water-deficient region. To develop the economy there, water is needed. There should be enough water for the population, but there is not enough water for the industry left over from Ukraine and the new military units of Russia, ”emphasizes Serhiy Shaparenko.

He believes that without sufficient sources of fresh water, Crimea can return to the level of development of the 50s of the last century..

“Most of the island is dry, salt marshes, except for sheep breeding, there was nothing to do there,” says Sergei Shaparenko.

Immediate demand

Political strategist Dmitry Bachevsky believes that Ukraine should demand from Russia an immediate solution to the humanitarian catastrophe with the water supply of the Crimeans. He recalls that interruptions, a shortage of drinking water on the peninsula happened after the Russian occupation of Crimea..

“In particular, Ukraine should initiate lawsuits in international courts with appropriate information support. According to international law, the occupier bears full responsibility for the humanitarian situation in the occupied territories. According to international law, the territory of Crimea is an occupied part of Ukraine, “Dmitry Bachevsky says to the correspondent of the Russian service of the Voice of America..

He believes that in this situation, Ukraine has every right to demand from Russia to ensure a full water supply to the population of Crimea..

“It should be remembered that, according to Article 13 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the land, its subsoil, atmospheric air, water and other natural resources that are within the territory of Ukraine, its continental shelf and the exclusive maritime economic zone are objects of property rights of the Ukrainian people”, – notes Dmitry Bachevsky.

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