Coronavirus epidemic – in all 50 states

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Coronavirus epidemic - in all 50 states

West Virginia was the last state to be diagnosed with the disease.

The coronavirus epidemic has covered all 50 American states, media report, and the death toll from the disease has exceeded 100.

West Virginia became the last 50th state to report a confirmed case on Tuesday night..

The total number of infected in the United States on Tuesday rose to 6400.

Hundreds of people learn about their disease every day. More than 800 diagnoses were made Monday and Tuesday amid increasing testing and spread of the virus.

About half of all coronavirus deaths occur in Washington state.

Of these, at least 30 are associated with a nursing home in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland. In addition, patients from two more long-stay hospitals have died in Washington..

Similar cases have been reported in Kansas and South Carolina, highlighting the increased risks for the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions..

Most of the deaths from the virus were in their 60s and some in their 90s. However, younger patients also died, including a New York correctional worker in his 50s and a man in the Seattle area in his 40s..

Distribution map of the coronavirus COVID-19

Donald Trump’s administration on Tuesday demanded a $ 1 trillion stimulus bill that could include $ 1,000 direct payments to Americans to cushion the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak..

About 6.7 million San Francisco Bay Area residents have been ordered to stay at home until April 7 unless absolutely necessary.

Catering establishments, bars, gyms and other businesses whose work is not recognized as critical are closed. At the same time, marijuana dispensaries will continue to operate as health authorities have classified cannabis as a “vital drug”.

“It’s like living in the Twilight Zone,” said 36-year-old Rowan Owake as he jogged through San Francisco’s Presidio Park. – You can feel how anxiety is in the air “.

Kentucky and Illinois report first coronavirus deaths, bringing death toll nationwide to at least 108.

Authorities report infection of 22 residents of a nursing home in a suburb of Chicago.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has closed shopping malls that have stores under the same roof. Meanwhile, a record number of jobless claims have brought down the state’s computer systems..

The largest mall in the country, the Mall of America in Minnesota, has announced the upcoming closure.

In Kansas, schools are closed for the rest of the school year. Nearly all public schools in California have closed. Governor Gavin Newsom has suggested that if any of the 6.1 million students return to class before the summer, the number will be very small..

Los Angeles County sheriffs deputies are required to issue subpoenas to offenders more frequently and to use fewer arrests to keep prison occupancy to a minimum..

Ohio Gov. Mike Devine orders planned surgeries to be postponed to free up hospital beds.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has ordered the closure of all casinos and other non-critical businesses for 30 days starting Wednesday. This regulation will apply to all bars, gyms, beauty salons, hairdressing salons, shopping centers and restaurants that do not operate to take out or do not deliver..

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