Congressman Kinzinger: Putin can’t be allowed to start another war

Kinzinger: U.S. can’t be “risk averse” aga…

Congressman Kinzinger: Putin can't be allowed to start another war

Member of the House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee gave an interview to the Georgian Service; Voices of America

Voice of America Georgian correspondent Nana Sajaya recorded an interview with Republican Congressman from Illinois, member of the House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee, Adam Kinzinger. We publish an abridged version of the American legislator’s responses to American foreign policy towards Georgia, Ukraine and Russia..
Russian-Georgian war

“Indeed, in my opinion, in 2008 Russia was not as openly ambitious as it is now. The fact that she managed to enter Georgia, occupy Abkhazia and South Ossetia and get very close to the capital gave Russia courage – she saw that the West was not interested in stopping aggression in countries that are not NATO members. And I think it spurred Russia on. We learned this at the beginning of World War II – by giving something to a dictator, a villain, you only whet his appetite. We saw the same thing in the 1930s, and, unfortunately, we see the same thing today in the case of Russia. So, since Putin’s actions in Georgia have gotten away with him, now I believe he is even more confident that he can get away with Ukraine as well, which is why it is very important that the United States and the West, our European allies, intervene. and did not allow this to happen, otherwise we will face much more serious problems in the very near future “.

Forgotten Georgia?

“They don’t forget Georgia in the Congress, Georgia was very kind to us. I have been to this country twice, traveled to the occupied regions and saw things that should have been under the control of Georgia, but there are Russian soldiers who pretend to just protect the local population, and it is very offensive to see all this. We have not forgotten Georgia in the Congress, but now the conflict concerns not only the disagreements between Russia and Georgia, now it is a struggle for a wider sphere of influence and, in fact, we are talking about the threat of the seizure of all of Europe.

Of course, since now the clashes are taking place in Ukraine, all attention is riveted on it, but the question is what will happen next. I think it is very important for the United States to maintain a strong stance towards Vladimir Putin. Putin knows that he will never defeat the United States, that his country is much weaker than the United States, but I believe that we must intervene and make it clear that if he continues to destroy his neighbors, he will have to deal with the army and the state, which definitely capable of interfering with his plans “.

Ukraine was left to fend for itself?

“I don’t think it’s so. To be honest, I think the point is that our president is weaker than he should be. There are serious disagreements in Washington about what our policy towards Ukraine should be. What’s great about democracy is that it allows us to have these lively debates. It is necessary to provide Ukraine with more “lethal aid”. We are already doing this, but we need National Guard soldiers to teach Ukrainian soldiers how to defend themselves and reclaim their territories..

I am very worried that little has been said about Crimea lately. In my opinion, we should not put up with the fact that he simply went to Russia. We must raise this issue again and again when we discuss a peaceful solution to this conflict. Will there be a peaceful solution soon? It seems that the ceasefire has not been consolidated, so I do not foresee such a development of events, but, again, it is very important that we stand up to defend Ukraine, and our European allies too. They need to increase their defense spending and make it clear that they will not allow a brutal aggressor to tear their continent to pieces. “.

About Javelin anti-tank missile systems

“I am absolutely sure that Ukraine needs to be provided with Javelin complexes. We must increase Ukraine’s potential to destroy Russian armored vehicles. We all know that Russia has a large army, and it is numerically superior to the Ukrainian one..

Congressman Kinzinger: Putin can't be allowed to start another war
Congressman Kinzinger: Putin can't be allowed to start another war

But I think that if we can cause serious damage to the Russian army and its manpower, this will begin to turn the population against Putin, and Putin himself will understand that the price he will have to pay if he decides to get involved in a new war will be even more high and, in fact, can lead to the defeat of the Russian army “.

Nana Sajaya also asked the American legislator what the United States should do to support the Russian people and help them exercise their rights and freedoms in an environment where the Russian authorities increasingly restrict people’s access to diverse and independent information, and the flow of Kremlin propaganda is rapidly growing. based on anti-Americanism? Here’s what the congressman replied:

“I think we need to invest a lot more in information channels such as Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and other similar media. Not to give people biased information, but to convey the truth to them, because now they are receiving biased information from the Kremlin.
When the Kremlin calmly asserts that it has nothing to do with the crash of an innocent airliner, it is obvious that you cannot get the truth from the Russian media. So it is very important that we give people information, not only in Russia, but also abroad, so that people know the truth and can form their own point of view. This is what we should do. “.

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