CMI: Substance Novice was found on Navalny’s water bottle

CMI: Substance Novice was found on Navalny's water bottle

According to Der Spiegel, relatives of the oppositionist kept the bottle.

Substance «Newbie» was found on a bottle of water in a hotel room in Tomsk where Alexei Navalny lived.

According to the official account of the oppositionist on Instagram, German experts found poison during the study of this bottle..

It is noted that members of Navalny’s team took the bottle after the news that the oppositionist became ill in flight.

A video was published on Navalny’s page showing how employees of the Anti-Corruption Foundation and lawyers arrived at the oppositionist’s room.

«Almost immediately, the FBK employees, who remained in Tomsk, learned about the incident. At that moment, the only possible thing was done. They called a lawyer, went up to the room from which Navalny had just left, and began to record, describe and pack everything they found there. Including hotel water bottles», — says the post.

According to Der Spiegel, the bottle was kept by the oppositionist’s relatives after he fell ill on the plane on August 20, and later handed over to doctors in Berlin..

At the same time, the publication argued that most likely Navalny was not poisoned by the contents of the bottle: presumably, he drank from the bottle after the poison entered his body, leaving traces of the poisonous substance on it..

The Russian side refutes the version with the poisoning of the oppositionist on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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