Chambers of Congress: Joint Meeting on Certification of Election Results

Chambers of Congress: Joint Meeting on Certification of Election Results

Senator McConnell urges fellow Republicans not to dispute voting results

A joint meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives convened to tally and validate the votes of the Electoral College, which voted for Joe Biden on December 14, was cut short after several hundred supporters of Donald Trump in Washington on Wednesday threw down metal barricades and broke through to the Capitol building.

Capitol Police have ordered the evacuation of two buildings – the James Madison Memorial Building for the Library of Congress and the Cannon House office building, located directly opposite the Capitol..

Earlier on Wednesday, US Vice President Mike Pence opened the joint session of the Congress..

Recall that President Donald Trump made it clear that he expects his deputy to help in the process of protesting the election results. Mike Pence said that he was also worried about the situation with the authenticity of the Electoral College voting results, but at the same time, for almost the first time in four years of work with Donald Trump, he objected to the head of the White House, noting that, from a procedural point of view, this it is not correct if he, the Vice President of the United States, has the authority to unilaterally accept – or reject – the electoral votes.

“In my understanding, my oath of allegiance and protection to the Constitution keeps me from taking on unilaterally the right to decide which electoral votes should be counted and which should not,” said Pence..

Pence was supported by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who, contrary to custom, criticized not Democrats, but his party members. According to McConnell, protesting the results of the presidential election at this stage is irrational and could strike a blow to the entire electoral system..

“We can’t just declare ourselves a national election commission on steroids,” McConnell said. – Voters, courts, states – they all expressed their opinion. If we overturn it, it will be such a blow to our republic, from which it will never recover “.

Usually, the election certification process is more ceremonial, but this time it has turned into a test of the loyalty of Republican legislators to President Donald Trump..

More than a hundred Republicans from the House of Representatives and about a dozen senators have said they plan to protest electoral votes from some or all of the six wavering states where Biden won (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin). They will also demand the creation of a commission to verify the election results..

Their objections are not expected to change the outcome of the election, as Democrats control the House of Representatives. In the Senate, Republicans have a slight advantage, but even there objections are unlikely to receive majority support, since several Republican senators have already spoken out against the cancellation of election results in any of the states..

Biden got 306 votes in the Electoral College, Trump got 232 votes. Biden’s inauguration ceremony is scheduled for January 20..

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