Capitol Hill events: reaction in Russia

Capitol Hill events: reaction in Russia

Russian experts and politicians disagree on the impact of events in the Congress building on American democracy

Moscow considers the events that took place the day before in the building of the American Congress to be an internal affair of the United States, media reported on Thursday, January 7, with reference to the statement of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova..

At the same time, she pointed out the “archaic” electoral system in the United States and the fact that, in her opinion, it does not correspond to “modern democratic standards”.

Many Russian politicians from among those who are called the “mouthpieces of the Kremlin” have spoken in the same spirit. In particular, the head of the Federation Council committee on international affairs Konstantin Kosachev actually proclaimed the end of democracy in the United States. As caustically noted in this regard in social networks, obviously, a sign of the flourishing of democracy in Russia should then be recognized as the use of Novichok against the political opponents of the government..

In turn, Joe Biden on Wednesday in his address to the Americans on the air of nationwide television channels said that the chaos scenes in the Capitol do not reflect the true essence of America. “These lawless extremists are not our representatives. This is not dissent – this is disorder, chaos, it borders on insurrection. And this needs to end right now, ”the President-elect emphasized..

Biden called on President Trump to also appear on television and condemn the actions of his supporters who caused riots in the Congress building.

Gleb Pavlovsky: “… We must remember that America is very resistant to such processes”

Gleb Pavlovsky, President of the Foundation for Effective Politics, in a commentary for the Russian service of the Voice of America, called yesterday’s events on Capitol Hill “very American.” According to him, democracy in the United States initially carries a powerful stream of “popular populism and anti-establishment.” So he saw nothing new here.

“This, of course, confirmed the existence of a certain split in the United States, but we must remember that America is very resistant to such processes,” the political scientist added. “Only six months ago, there were riots all over the country, and America resisted. I think it will be the same this time “.

Of course, Trump’s opponents will try to use the situation to finally destroy his brand in a political sense, Gleb Pavlovsky believes. “But then they will have to deal with millions of Americans, and Trump can become an emblem of resistance,” he says. – In my opinion, it is dangerous. The best thing now is to let him go quietly and calmly, as it seems to me.

This is a signal rather not to America, but to other countries, the president of the Effective Politics Foundation believes. In his opinion, the world is covered by a global populist wave, and there is no need to be afraid of it. “Although, of course, she can’t even whistle,” he clarified. – Storming parliaments is bad. But, generally speaking, this is quite common in Europe. I think the trouble with Russia is precisely that in 1991 we did not dare to storm the Old Square and the Lubyanka “.

Regarding the “funeral” of democracy in the United States announced by some Russian politicians, Gleb Pavlovsky noted that one should not pay attention to the “poor”. This is not even propaganda, but sluggish podgavki. It means absolutely nothing. People who have destroyed the remnants of constitutional statehood in the Russian Federation should generally keep quiet here, “he summed up.

Abbas Gallyamov: “Protests hit authoritarian regimes harder”

Political scientist Abbas Gallyamov, speaking about the consequences of the events in the Capitol, believes that the main one will be the “marginalization of Trump.” As for his supporters, then, according to Gallyamov, the process here can be twofold..

“On the one hand, their number may decrease markedly,” suggested the interlocutor of the Russian service of the Voice of America. – He will alienate someone with his behavior, calls for protests and the very fact of what happened on Capitol Hill. We see that this is exactly what is happening with the members of the Republican Party. On the other hand, those who remain adherents of Trumpism become even more radicalized. However, as they become radicalized, they will again marginalize. “.

Abbas Gallyamov called the statements of pro-Kremlin politicians about the alleged decline of democracy in the United States pure propaganda. According to him, it would be strange if they did not seize the right moment now to discredit American values. “In fact, of course, this cannot be considered a serious threat to democracy,” he stressed. – In democratic countries, protests in fact do not change anything in people’s perception of power and state institutions. After all, the people there recognize the right to be dissatisfied. Therefore, one can, in principle, be indignant about the form that the protest took (at the Capitol), but in general, if you look at what is happening systematically, this in itself does not weaken democracy in any way. “.

The protests hit authoritarian regimes more painfully, the political scientist stated: “Because there, if the crowd riots, this indicates the weakness of the regime, since in principle it should not allow this. Democracy, on the other hand, should not interfere with protest if it has not taken forms that are dangerous for citizens. It is not news at all that protest is possible in a democracy. Therefore, there will be no weakening of democracy in the US in the long term “.

Now, if such events took place in Russia or Belarus, this would indicate the weakening of the regimes that are trying in every possible way to prevent any manifestations of protests, concluded Abbas Gallyamov.

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