Bloomberg’s stance on China sets him apart from other Democrats

Bloomberg Cites Trade War as ‘Failure of Our Government’

Bloomberg's stance on China sets him apart from other Democrats

The former mayor of New York supports free trade and is rather mild in his assessment of the internal politics of Beijing

Former New York Mayor and media mogul Michael Bloomberg, who announced his decision to compete for the Democratic presidential nomination, has added a new motive to the debate over the trade war with China and US-China relations in general..

Bloomberg’s position against the background of other candidates is unique: he not only fully supports the principle of free trade, but also assesses China’s repressive domestic policy much softer than his rivals..

Even before his nomination, Bloomberg actively criticized Trump’s trade policies, calling them irresponsible and inconsistent..

During the Obama administration, Bloomberg has spoken out in support of multilateral trade agreements, which are now criticized not only by Trump, but also by many presidential candidates..

Bloomberg also has relatively soft views on the policies of the Chinese Communist Party and President Xi Jinping..

“The Communist Party wants to stay in power and listens to the public,” he said on PBS September. – Xi Jinping is not a dictator. He has to satisfy his voters, otherwise he will not survive “.

These comments drew sharp criticism..

Democratic candidates find it difficult to articulate their position on relations with China, as they try to distance themselves from Trump in every way, even if they agree with his idea of ​​using tariffs to force Beijing to change its trade policy..

Thus, two leading contenders for the Democratic nomination, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, are not against protectionist policies, although they insist that they would have conducted them differently..

Warren calls tariffs “an important tool,” but believes Trump is applying them haphazardly when a broader strategy is needed..

Sanders promises to “completely overhaul” trade policies to determine which tariffs actually work.

Mayor of South Bend in Idiana Pete Buttigieg is more critical of duties, but does not rule out the possibility of their use as a tool of trade policy.

Former vice president Joe Biden, the leader in nationwide opinion polls, is somewhat inconsistent about China. Shortly after his nomination last year, he tried to challenge the very idea that China is a real economic competitor for the United States..

This comment drew vigorous criticism from all sides, and in the end Biden was forced to admit that China is a serious competitor, and in some areas even a threat..

Subsequently, Biden in vague wording noted that the United States should rebuff China in the trade sphere..

At the same time, when it comes to domestic politics in China, the majority of Democrats are much harsher than Bloomberg. All four top candidates strongly condemn the treatment of Uighurs and the crackdown on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

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