Biden to sign food and financial security orders

President Joe Biden to sign executive orders to boost food benefits, workers’ rights

Biden to sign food and financial security orders

On his second full-time as president, Joe Biden will sign two executive orders related to helping Americans in a variety of ways.

President Joe Biden will sign two executive orders on Friday to ensure the financial and food security of the families of Americans affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday morning, the White House confirmed that President Biden will sign a decree today expanding federal benefits for Americans experiencing food shortages. Coronavirus pandemic triggers worst food crisis in decades.

“The American people cannot afford to wait. There are so many people hanging by a thread, they need help, and we are committed to doing everything in our power to provide this assistance as quickly as possible, ”said Brian Dees, head of the National Economic Council..

Biden’s flagship US economic recovery initiative is a $ 1.9 trillion bailout package that will help create demand, create jobs, and boost hiring..

“We need much more. And that’s why, in taking these actions, we will continue to engage with Congress and the American people about the need to advance America’s salvation plan, ”Deese said commenting on the President’s actions..

Biden also ordered federal agencies to expedite Americans’ access to federal incentive payments, allow workers to leave their jobs if their health is at stake, and expand protections for federal employees..

The new president ordered the Ministry of Agriculture to expand the categories of benefits in the food supply program by signing a corresponding decree. Many Americans fired from their jobs due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are turning to local authorities for help in finding food.

The new president is also seeking a 15% increase in funding for the school feeding program, which was launched at the start of the pandemic. Administration officials say an increase in the school’s food program could result in families with three children receiving more than $ 100 in additional benefits every two months..

The President will also sign an executive order to review incentive check payments, as “many Americans faced problems receiving checks during the first round of direct payments, and up to eight million eligible households did not receive payments made in March,” it said. White House newsletter.

Biden’s first meeting with a foreign leader will take place on Friday. The President is scheduled to have a telephone conversation with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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