Biden Strengthens His COVID-19 Team

President Joe Biden: I’m confident we will exceed goal of 100M doses in first 100 days

Biden Strengthens His COVID-19 Team

President-elect included specialists on social health problems in the working group

According to experts, today more than 62 million cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the world. In the United States, the number of infected has exceeded 13 million. In second place is India (over 9 million), and in third place is Brazil (6 million).

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on lawmakers to support new restrictions to help clinics overwhelmed by patients. The appeal of the head of the cabinet sounded at a time when the official approval, and then the distribution of the vaccine against the new coronavirus is expected.

As a result of the introduction of new measures, the UK will face restrictions that will affect 99% of the country’s economy. Restrictions in the UK today will end on Tuesday. New – introduced for a period of about a month.

At the same time, an increasing number of representatives of the Conservative Party – Johnson’s party members – oppose the new restrictions.

Last Saturday, London police broke up a demonstration that protested against the closure of the economy. Police detained over 150 people.

The UK government hopes that the vaccine, the first doses of which should arrive in UK hospitals by December 7, and mass testing will soon make the restrictions unnecessary..

More than 57,000 COVID-19 deaths have been recorded in the country, according to Johns Hopkins University..

Biden Strengthens His COVID-19 Team

Parliamentary vote on Johnson’s proposals scheduled for Tuesday.

Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden has appointed three new members of his pandemic response team..

These are Jane Hopkins, Jill Jim and David Michaels, who, according to Biden, will strengthen the team by ensuring that treatment outcomes and workforce issues are taken into account when planning efforts to tackle the pandemic..

Jane Hopkins specializes in psychiatry and is a member of the Washington State Coronavirus Task Force..

Navajo Jill Jim is the executive director of the Navajo Nation Department of Health. Her specialty is chronic disease prevention and social inequality for Native Americans..

David Michaels is an epidemiologist and specialist in environmental health as well as occupational diseases. He is a professor in the Department of Global Health at George Washington University..

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