Biden’s inauguration: reaction in Europe

Europe breathes a sigh of relief after Joe Biden’s inauguration

Biden's inauguration: reaction in Europe

European Union leaders have described Joe Biden’s inauguration as; a new dawn

Many European Union leaders have described Joe Biden’s inauguration as President of the United States as a “new dawn”.

“This time-honored ceremony on the steps of the Capitol will be a demonstration of the tenacity of American democracy and strong proof that, after four long years, Europe has a friend in the White House again,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Charles Michel, President of the European Council, was just as outspoken and impartial in his assessment of the changes that the US-EU relationship has undergone during the Trump presidency..

“Today is more than a transfer of power,” said the head of the European Council. “Today is an opportunity to renew our transatlantic partnership, which has suffered greatly over the past four years.”.

Let us remind you that the European Council is the highest political body of the European Union. Charles Michel invited Joe Biden to be a guest, as he put it, “an extraordinary Council meeting in Brussels that could be analogous to a NATO meeting. Michel clarified that European leaders want to work with the United States to expand, in particular, multilateral cooperation, to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, to address the challenges of climate change, and on joint efforts in the field of security and peace..

“On the first day [Joe Biden] in office, I make a proposal to the new US President: let’s develop a new pact, the goal of which will be a stronger Europe, a stronger America and a more prosperous world,” summed up Charles Michel.

Leading British politicians – Prime Minister Boris Johnson and leader of the opposition Labor Party, Kir Starmer – wished President-elect Joe Biden all the best on his inauguration day..

Boris Johnson, speaking in parliament during a weekly meeting with lawmakers, said he was looking forward to starting work with President Biden and his administration “to strengthen cooperation between our countries and develop common priorities.”.

Johnson mentioned climate change on the planet, the need to fight the coronavirus and “strengthening our transatlantic security” as “common priorities” for the two countries..

Cyrus Starmer also hailed in absentia the inauguration of Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, calling their inauguration “a victory of hope over hate” and “a true moment for optimism in the US and around the world.”.

In an editorial in the British Daily Mail, former British Prime Minister Theresa May expressed her belief that Biden and Harris are Britain’s “partners in positive steps to make the world a safer place.”.

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