Biden’s headquarters asks Facebook to remove Trump’s posts criticizing the vote by mail

Facebook labeling Trump, Biden posts on voting

Biden's headquarters asks Facebook to remove Trump's posts criticizing the vote by mail

The company said that the posts of the president of the United States did not violate the rules of the social network

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign team has asked social media giants Facebook and Twitter to remove President Trump’s messages aimed at discrediting mail-order voting.

Trump tweeted several times on Monday, criticizing mail-order plans that many states have implemented so that voters worried about coronavirus can fill out their ballots at home..

“If people can go out and protest, riot, break into shops and create chaos, they can also go out and vote – and keep our election fair,” Trump wrote. “With millions of ballots mailed out, who knows where they’ll go and who?”.

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Biden's headquarters asks Facebook to remove Trump's posts criticizing the vote by mail

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Trump, who himself votes by mail, has sparked fears among his supporters that Democrats will abuse mail-order voting in November. Representatives of Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters have not yet responded to a request from Reuters for comment..

Biden’s campaign headquarters says the US president is forcing people to choose between protecting their health and exercising the right to vote.

“Today, he [the president] tweet after tweet has put forward unsubstantiated conspiracy theories to discredit mail-order voting,” campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon told Reuters..

“Our campaign sent letters to Twitter and Facebook demanding that this misinformation, which seeks to undermine confidence in our electoral process, be removed immediately.”.

A Facebook spokesman said President Trump’s posts did not violate their policies and would not be removed. A Twitter spokesman also said that the posts do not violate the rules of the social network..

Donald Trump told Politico in an interview on Friday that a mail-order vote could cost him his re-election..

In March, he told Fox News, “If you ever agreed to this, you would never choose a Republican in this country again.”.

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