Biden on Monday announced the composition of his economic team

Biden Introduces Nominees For His Economic Team | NBC News

Biden on Monday announced the composition of his economic team

The names of candidates for key public relations positions were announced on Sunday

President-elect Joe Biden on Monday named a number of individuals he plans to include on his economic team to help him tackle the fallout from the pandemic..

Biden nominated Janet Yellen, who was the first female chairman of the Federal Reserve, to the post of Treasury Secretary. Adewale Adeyemo to become first black deputy finance minister.

President-elect nominated Nira Tanden, executive director of the Center for American Progress think tank, to head the White House’s Budget Office.

Biden intends to appoint Cecilia Rose, currently head of the School of International Affairs at Princeton University, as head of the Economic Advisory Group..

Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will also receive their first undercover intelligence briefing on Monday, the first step to transferring responsibility for key intelligence to the new administration..

On Sunday evening, the President-elect announced the composition of his exclusively female public relations team..

“Communicating directly and truthfully with the American people is one of the most important responsibilities of a president, and this team will have a tremendous responsibility to bridge the gap between the American public and the White House,” Biden said in a statement released Sunday by his transition team..

Kate Bedingfield, who served as director of communications at the Biden and Harris headquarters, has been promoted to the post of director of public affairs for the White House. She previously worked on Biden’s team when he was vice president..

Bedingfield’s deputy will be Pili Tobar, who was the deputy director of America’s Voice, an advocate for immigration reform..

Ashley Etienne, who served as director of public affairs for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, will become director of public affairs for Harris’ team.

Simone Sanders, who served on Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign headquarters when he ran for Democratic presidency, will become senior advisor and spokesman for the vice president.

Jen Psaki, who has served in a number of public affairs positions during the Obama administration, will be named White House spokesman..

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Jennifer Psaki becomes Joe Biden’s press secretary



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Her deputy will be Karine Jean-Pierre, who worked as a political analyst for NBC and MSNBC..

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