Biden meets with transition advisors

President-elect Biden meets with transition advisors, coronavirus task force

Biden meets with transition advisors

Trump continues to challenge the counting results in several states

US President-elect Joe Biden meets with his transition advisers on Wednesday, preparing to take over following his January 20 inauguration..

Biden has appointed a number of advisers to oversee the activities of various government agencies. On Tuesday, he said he could announce some key appointments ahead of Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on November 26 this year..

President Donald Trump refused to admit defeat and filed a series of lawsuits challenging the election outcome in key states.

While all the pending claims have been dismissed, several more cases are awaiting a verdict. Analysts believe the election result will not be revised.

Unofficially, Biden has already won more than 270 votes in the Electoral College, which determines the outcome of the US presidential election. He is ahead of Trump in two more states, Georgia and Arizona, which could ultimately bring him 306 electoral votes. Trump scored the same in 2016.

Leaders from several European countries, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, called Biden to congratulate him..

Biden’s transition team has drawn up a long list of advisors, including experts on a variety of issues that he will face early in his presidency..

Kathleen Hicks, Senior Vice President and Director of the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, leads Department of Defense review.

Former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Linda Thomas-Greenfield is in charge of the Department of State. KeyBank CEO Don Graves studies the Treasury Department, while Martha Gimbel, Senior Economic Research Manager at Schmidt Futures, is responsible for the Economic Council..

Trump, meanwhile, took part in Veterans Day celebrations at Arlington National Cemetery near Washington on Wednesday. This is Trump’s first public event since last Thursday..

The president also continues to post numerous tweets about the election, as well as reposts of comments from Republicans supporting his position..

A Reuters / Ipsos poll released Tuesday found almost 80 percent of Americans, including half of Republicans, see Biden as the legitimate winner..

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, Biden expressed the view that Republican leaders, most of whom did not acknowledge his victory, are “slightly intimidated by the incumbent.”.

He called Trump’s refusal to admit defeat “a shame.” “I don’t think this will have a positive impact on the legacy of the president,” Biden added..

Although the electoral college vote determines the outcome of the US presidential election, Biden is currently ahead of Trump by 3.2 percentage points and more than 5 million votes in the general vote..

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