Biden Leads Trump in Key Wavering States

Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump in six key swing states: CNBC/Change Research poll

Biden Leads Trump in Key Wavering States

Democratic candidate Joe Biden is nearing the point where he can claim victory. Donald Trump’s stance shakes as the counting continues in Pennsylvania and Georgia

Democratic candidate Joe Biden may soon be able to claim victory in the presidential election. As the counting continues in Georgia and Pennsylvania, Donald Trump’s leadership in both states has fallen, and now his victory in both Georgia and Pennsylvania – questionable.

Currently, Biden is ahead of Trump in both the number of voters who voted for him and the number of electoral votes (this figure has not changed since Thursday and still stands at 253 against Trump’s 214 votes). Election Winner Must Receive 270 Electoral Votes.

The counting of votes is still ongoing in four states, the results of which will determine the outcome of the elections: Arizona and Nevada, where Biden is confidently leading; Pennsylvania, where Biden began to outstrip Trump by 5,596 votes at the time of counting 98% of the votes, and Georgia, where by the time of the counting of 99% of the votes, he was slightly in the lead with a margin of 1,097 votes, while Trump and Biden were equal in percentage terms in this state – both have 49.4% of the vote, according to Fox News.

Under US electoral law, the winner in each state receives all the electoral votes that that state has, with the exception of the states of Maine and Nebraska, which have slightly different rules..

Trump’s headquarters: still a long way to the end of elections

The White House on Friday released a statement from Donald Trump, who promised to continue challenging the election results, while his rival Joe Biden moved closer to securing the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election..

«We will continue this process, using all aspects of the law to ensure that the American people have confidence in our government. I will never stop fighting for you and our people», – Trump said in a statement.

On Thursday night, President Trump, without providing any evidence, accused Democrats of organizing massive fraud and violations to prevent him from re-election to a second term..

«This is the case when they are trying to steal the elections, they are trying to falsify the elections, and we cannot allow this to happen.», – said Trump, speaking Thursday night at a press conference at the White House.

On Friday morning, Trump’s campaign headquarters tweeted, warning that «elections are not over yet».

«The elections are not over yet. Joe Biden’s false predictions based on vote counts in four states far from complete», – said Matt Morgan, general counsel at the incumbent’s headquarters, warning of a possible recount in Georgia and expressing confidence that it would be found there. «stuffing voices». Morgan also recalled «numerous violations» in Pennsylvania, illegal mail-order voting in Nevada and expressed confidence that Donald Trump would win in Arizona despite «irresponsible and erroneous» forecasts of Fox News, which has already named Biden the winner in this state. At the moment, Trump’s headquarters has not yet provided evidence to support these accusations..

Biden: every ballot needs to be counted

Joe Biden yesterday urged Americans to be patient as several states tally record ballots cast – over 150 million Americans have chosen to vote in the presidential election this year.

«Each ballot must be counted. And this is what we will see … This is how it should be … Democracy is sometimes troublesome», – Biden said while speaking to reporters at a briefing in Wilmington, Delaware.

Joe Biden is expected to deliver a televised address to Americans on Friday night. This was reported by the agency «Reuters».

If Biden wins in Arizona with 11 electoral votes, and in Nevada, where he gets 6 more votes, he will win 270 electoral support and become the 46th President of the United States in January 2021, regardless of the outcome of the elections in Georgia and Pennsylvania..

Trump needs to keep all the states in which he is now leading, and outstripping a Democrat rival in Nevada or Arizona, where Biden is now confidently leading..

In Pennsylvania and Georgia, Trump’s leadership declined as the counting continued. Pennsylvania Secretary of State Katie Boquvar said Thursday that the remaining unaccounted for ballots were almost entirely mailed. Most of these newsletters were posted by Biden supporters.

Joe Biden, during his campaign, urged his supporters to vote by mail to keep them safe in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, while Donald Trump, by contrast, has always opposed the mailing of ballots, calling it «fraud».

Donald Trump has called the disproportionate number of votes received by Biden in the last couple of days, possible interference in the elections «corrupt electoral bodies in states run by Democratic governors».

«In fact, we were clearly winning in all the key states, and then our numbers began to miraculously and mysteriously decline.», – Trump said on Thursday.

In Pennsylvania, 20 electoral votes are at stake. Trump has better positions in two more states where the vote count is still pending: Alaska and North Carolina..

By Friday morning, Biden is leading in Nevada with an 11,500 vote lead and in Arizona, ahead of Trump by about 47,000 votes. The counting of votes in both states is still not over.

73.5 million Americans voted for Biden in the elections this year, 69.5 million people preferred Donald Trump, but the name of the winner of the many months and scandalous campaign will be determined by the members of the Electoral College.

Earlier, Trump on his Twitter demanded an end to the counting of votes in several states, but if this happens now, then the current president will lose, becoming the third head of state in the past 40 years who could not be re-elected after the first term..

On Friday afternoon, the federal Computer and Infrastructure Security Agency, which is responsible for the security of the US elections, rejected allegations of vote rigging, without mentioning the name of President Donald Trump. The agency reported that local election commissions are provided with modern technical means, which «make it very difficult to commit fraud with fake newsletters».

The agency also assured that they did everything to «ensure the accuracy of election results». Donald Trump’s statement about the injustice and corruption of the counting of votes in the agency was left without comment.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a member of the Republican Party, also released a statement on Friday saying that the state administration is confident in the proper counting of ballots. The secretary of state is responsible for this process. President Trump said Thursday that «Georgia’s electoral office is run by Democrats», although Governor Kemp is a member of the Republican Party. Biden is 1,500 votes ahead of Trump in Georgia so far. Official voting results have not yet been announced.

According to «Associated Press», The Pennsylvania branch of the Republican Party has asked the Supreme Court to order the division of ballots that enter the state after the elections. Pennsylvania has previously issued a separate storage order for these ballots..

Republicans have previously filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court in an attempt to prevent the counting of ballots received in the mail after election day. The State Supreme Court granted a three-day extension, the Supreme Court did not block the decision, and the State Secretary of State – Democrat Katie Boquvar ordered the local authorities to keep the ballots received by mail after voting separately, pending the decision of the Supreme Court.

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