Biden announced the name of the candidate for the post of vice president

Kamala Harris | Vice President Announcement | Joe Biden For President 2020

Biden announced the name of the candidate for the post of vice president

Senator Kamala Harris will be Biden’s campaign partner

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden revealed the alleged vice president’s name on Tuesday. Biden’s choice fell on Senator Kamala Harris. This is stated in the message of the election headquarters of Biden.

Harris, 55, became the first black woman to run for US Vice President.

“It is with great honor that I announce that I have selected Kamala Harris – a fearless activist for the rights of the common people and one of the best civil servants in our country – as my candidate for the post of Vice President,” Biden tweeted..

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Biden announced the name of the candidate for the post of vice president
Biden announced the name of the candidate for the post of vice president

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Harris, who became the second-ever black woman to be elected to the Senate in 2016, should attract African Americans, who are the most loyal Democratic voters..

Other candidates for Vice President Biden also considered Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Congresswoman Karen Bass, and political activist Stacey Abrams..

Biden, who served as vice president in the Barack Obama administration, promised that his partner would be a woman. The list of prospective candidates included at least 12 people, including Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor to President Obama..

Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters commented on Biden’s choice

“Not long ago, Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist and asked him for an apology, which she never received. Obviously, the insincere Kamala will abandon her convictions and bury her reputation as a prosecutor to appease the anti-police extremists who control the Democratic Party…. Kamala Harris happily endorsed a radical leftist manifesto, calling for new trillions of dollars in taxes and supporting Bernie Sanders’ health appeal.

Joe Biden is not a moderate politician, and together with Harris … he will hand over control of our country to a radical mafia promising to raise taxes, cut police funding, destroy energy jobs, open up our borders and appease the socialists, “Katrina Pearson said in a statement. senior adviser to Trump at his campaign headquarters.

Trump’s headquarters expressed confidence that the Americans will “resolutely reject” the Biden and Harris team in favor of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Trump surprised by Biden’s choice

Later on Tuesday, Trump himself, in a conversation with reporters, said that he was surprised by the choice of Joe Biden, since Kamala Harris, according to the president, showed disrespect for the former vice president during a television debate..

Trump said Harris was “very, very indecent” towards Biden.

“One of the reasons it surprised me is that she probably acted even more indecently than Pocahontas towards Joe Biden,” Trump said, referring to Senator Elizabeth Warren..

Barack Obama Commentary

Former US President Barack Obama also commented on Biden’s decision, supporting Kamala Harris’s election as vice president..

“Selecting a vice president is the first major decision a president makes. When you are in the Oval Office, weighing the most difficult issues, and your choices affect the life … of the whole country – you need a person who has the ability to reasonably and the character necessary to make the right choice … Joe Biden made the right decision … Joe is the ideal partner to help him cope with the real challenges that America faces now and will face in the years ahead, ”Barack Obama said in a statement..

Obama stressed that Harris is “more than ready to go” as vice president, and said that thanks to this, “we can all pull together right now.”.

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