Avalanche killed four skiers in Utah

Four skiers killed in Millcreek Canyon avalanche

Four more managed to get out from under the snow and call for help.

Four skiers were killed Saturday in an avalanche in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Four more people were saved.

According to authorities, this is the largest incident of its kind in terms of the number of victims in the United States over the past seven years..

Two groups of skiers, five and three, were in Millcreek Canyon, east of the capital of Utah, when the avalanche came down, a police spokesman for the Salt Lake City Joint Police Department said..

Some of them managed to get out of the snow and contact emergency services, police spokeswoman Melody Cutler said. NBC News reported survivors suffered minor injuries, including hypothermia.

Utah avalanche observatory says skiers unintentionally caused avalanche.

The U.S. hasn’t seen so many avalanche deaths since May 2014, when six skiers died in Washington State on Mount Rainier, according to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

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