Asylum seekers sent back to Mexico ask to be kept in the USA

In Tijuana, Biden Administration Admits First Asylum-Seekers Sent Back To Mexico

Asylum seekers sent back to Mexico ask to leave them in the USA

San Diego Immigration Court Opens Asylum Hearings for Seven Migrants from Honduras and Guatemala

Three asylum seekers who are ordered to return to Mexico after a hearing at the San Diego, California Immigration Court have asked the US authorities to allow them to stay in America. They attributed this to fears for their safety if returned to Mexico. This was reported on Wednesday by the Associated Press (AR) news agency..

Such requests are a new strategy that migrants have begun to adopt in the wake of Donald Trump’s recent decree to change the asylum process. According to the new rules, individuals who entered the United States illegally from Mexico must wait for the American Immigration Court while outside the United States. This requirement does not apply to Mexican citizens and children who entered the United States unaccompanied by an adult..

Last Tuesday, a San Diego court began hearings on the immigration status of seven Central American citizens who came to the meeting from the Mexican border city of Tijuana. All of them are ordered to return to Mexico after the hearing..

Five of the seven, whose cases began in San Diego court on Tuesday, were represented by their lawyers. Six migrants who applied for asylum are citizens of Honduras, another applicant is a citizen of Guatemala.

Asylum seekers sent back to Mexico ask to be kept in the USA

Robin Barnard, a lawyer with Human Rights First, told reporters that she asked the authorities to allow two of her Honduran clients to stay in the United States. Both migrants are afraid to return to Tijuana, where they must wait for the next hearing, scheduled for early August..

One of Barnard’s clients, Gerson Alonso Beltrand, said he feared a return to Mexico. It was unclear from the response of the lawyer representing the Department of Homeland Security at the trial whether this request would be granted. The judge has scheduled the next hearing in the Alonso Beltrand case for August 6.

Asylum seekers sent back to Mexico ask to be kept in the USA
Asylum seekers sent back to Mexico ask to be kept in the USA

Jason Aguilar, a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lawyer, told the Associated Press (AP) that he had no objection to Robin Barnard’s clients’ request. He forwarded the request to other departments that are part of the Department of Homeland Security. The Customs and Border Service declined AP’s request for comment, citing an ongoing lawsuit. The agency could not receive comments from the Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Since the end of January, about 240 people, including families with children, have been forced to return to Mexico under the new Migrant Protection Protocol. As early as this week, a federal court in San Francisco will consider a lawsuit to terminate the new immigration policy, which was filed by a human rights organization..

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