Another expedition to the ISS started from Baikonur

Another expedition to the ISS started from Baikonur

It includes Russian Anatoly Ivanishin, Japanese Takuya Onishi and American Kathleen Rubins

The ship will get to the station not six hours, as is now customary, but according to the old scheme – two days.

During this time, the astronauts and the cosmonaut will have to test new navigation and control systems with which the modified Soyuz MS-01 spacecraft is equipped. In total, the new crew will work on the ISS for about four months, until a new expedition replaces it in October..

Of the three crew members, only Anatoly Ivanishin has experience of working on the ISS. For his colleagues from the USA and Japan, this is the first flight into space..

American Keith Rubins became the sixtieth woman to go into orbit. At the same time, the United States is significantly ahead of other countries in the number of women astronauts – today there are 46 in the United States..

Against the background of a new surge of interest in space programs, experts emphasize that more and more young American women are looking for opportunities to link their careers with space exploration. Astronaut Iwona Keigl of NASA’s dedicated student management team believes that patience and training are essential elements of astronaut training:

Another expedition to the ISS started from Baikonur

“They develop basic skills in a person, which, through repeated repetitions, bring them to automatism.”.

Students are always delighted with the demonstration of technological innovations, such as, for example, this miniature mobile robot, working on the principle of a Martian rover. You can control it using a regular tablet..

“They love everything about space exploration using robots and computers,” said NASA engineer Mallory Lafland. – A simple demonstration of a photograph taken by our apparatus on Mars brings a human aspect to this story, as if to say: any of you could do it!

Nevertheless, NASA representatives consider the ability to fantasize to be the main skill necessary for future space explorers..

“Our own imagination is what takes us to the stars in the first place,” says Iwona Cagle. “And this ability is available, no doubt, to any student.”.

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