An Instagram-style treat

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An Instagram-style treat

How SpongeBob Squarepants and other characters from the world famous animated series are helping small businesses survive

The coronavirus pandemic has caused devastating damage to many businesses in the United States, especially catering. Nearly 100,000 small businesses have shut down for good since the start of the pandemic, according to a recent analysis by Yelp. Those who are not afraid of changes and unexpected decisions can survive in this difficult time..

Due to the pandemic, cafes «Milk and Cream» New York had to cut its staff by 50 percent, and the Jersey City, New Jersey branch was postponed by almost six months. When even to such giants of the ice cream industry as «Baskin Robins» or «Ben and Jeri» queues are no longer lined up, only ingenuity and creativity can save. And in this case – also the love of cartoons. And now fans of the famous animated series SpongeBob Squarepants can taste the famous hamburger here «Crabby Patty».

SpongeBob has been traveling the world for 20 years. Almost 300 episodes of the animated series of the same name, three films, video games, related products and even a Broadway musical. And now it’s also ice cream.

Combining a love of ice cream and a liking for favorite cartoon characters for the good of business was a bold commercial move, says Daniel Taobao, co-owner of Milk and Cream in Jersey City: «We are currently working with Nickelodeon and have chosen the SpongeBob series. We do the first in the world “Crabby Patty” – this ice cream with white chocolate, cookies, nuts. We wanted to focus on nostalgia for this character and give what you can’t get anywhere else. – unique atmosphere».

Pandemic Covid-19 has made changes in the rules of doing business, even in this «frozen» business. «Previously, we could not even think about online ordering or delivery of ice cream, it can melt, – says Corey Yang, co-owner of Milk and Cream in New York. – Now we accept orders online, we cooperate with delivery companies in order to somehow stay afloat. We are developing a new product that can be delivered to other states».

SpongeBob SquarePants may never reveal the secret recipe for his famous burger. But in this cafe it was reinvented: it is ice cream with vanilla pie, cookies, chocolate washer in a creamy sauce., «salad» white chocolate, slices «tomato» with strawberry jelly and two special «secret» pickles. The invention has become a real hit of the season: lovers of sweets and fans of the series come to cafes even from neighboring states..

In addition to the SpongeBob burger, it offers ice cream and milkshakes based on the recipes of the main cartoon characters: Patrick the Starfish, Squidward’s Octopus, Sandy’s Squirrels and Mr.Crab.

«We found a new way of doing business, covid gave impetus to our creative mechanisms, – tells Corey Yang. – We create new products that assume people no longer eat indoors. but still enjoy our store. We make a variety of fillings, and we do it beautifully. It’s an Instagram-style treat».

In the new year 2021, a new menu will await visitors, the secret of which is kept secret by the cafe owners..

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