American experts on the second attempt to impeach Trump

WATCH LIVE: Trump’s second impeachment trial begins in Senate | Day 1

American experts on the second attempt to impeach Trump

Lincoln Mitchell and Jason Smart Comment on Congressional Efforts to Remove President

American experts state that the events of January 6 were led, in particular, by the rhetoric of a number of politicians. The people who attacked the Capitol intended to use violence against legislators – both Democrats and Republicans.

Commenting on the current situation, Lincoln Mitchell from Columbia University expressed the opinion that today there is a high level of political instability in the United States..

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Experts on the second impeachment of President Trump



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American experts on the second attempt to impeach Trump

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    American experts on the second attempt to impeach Trump
    American experts on the second attempt to impeach Trump
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“We cannot sweep the litter under the carpet, we cannot minimize the consequences of the events of January 6,” the expert notes. “We can’t just say it’s time to move on. If we forget this, it will be the next message to those who stormed the Capitol, putting the lives of elected officials at risk: “What you did does not really matter.” This is a big problem and we must solve it. “.

Mitchell said a bipartisan commission, chaired by Republicans and Democrats and civil society representatives, needs to be created to document what happened – including the roots of what happened, the role of various government structures in the events that took place and omissions that could not be avoided..

“We also need to examine the disinformation campaign that contributed to these events. And this is not only about Donald Trump, who said that the elections were stolen from him, ”the analyst said..

He is convinced that the House of Representatives will impeach the president, since the Democrats have a majority in it..

“Pelosi is a very smart legislator,” says Mitchell. – She would not have started this process if she did not have votes. The question is, what’s next? What is the point of announcing the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump a few hours before his term expires? It is important that Congress make it clear that what happened is a crime punishable by impeachment. We saw the President speak, we know about Donald Trump’s role in stirring up unrest on this day. And we will learn more about his role and the role of his administration ahead of that day. The question is, what is the Senate doing? Most likely, there will not be enough votes in the upper house to remove the president from power “.

Political consultant Jason Smart reminds that it is extremely difficult to stop the impeachment process.

“There is clear support for him not only among members of Congress, but throughout the country, among Democratic and Republican voters who are concerned about the upcoming elections in two years. They think, “What will it mean to me if I defend Trump when this guy is already leaving? Wouldn’t it be better to vote against him? ” And I think there is a chance that a number of Republicans will vote against Trump in terms of impeachment, ”says Smart.

The expert believes that the Democratic Party will make a mistake if it decides to continue prosecuting Trump after he leaves office.

“They need to move on because if they continue to give him the attention he craves, they will hurt themselves,” the analyst notes..

According to him, the American political process shows that the president is not above the law..

“This is the second impeachment. I think this really says a lot about the US government system, about the fact that there is such a strong system of checks and balances. And it’s very interesting to see how this has worked for the last couple of years, ”emphasizes Jason Smart.

Lincoln Mitchell stresses the need to stop talking about impeachment. At the same time, he notes, the end of talks about impeachment cannot mean that it is necessary to stop talking about what happened on January 6. This problem must be resolved – in the interests of the country’s further development.

“In a way, we are at a crossroads. Either we ignore both the reality of the Trump administration’s efforts to roll back democracy and the problems with our own institutions, because we are afraid to change them, or we start thinking about how to promote the development of democracy in the United States so that the power structures, firstly, are more democratic, and, secondly, they could move on, “says Lincoln Mitchell.

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American experts on the second attempt to impeach Trump

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