Alexander Lukashenko saw the US intelligence center in Kiev

Growing pressure on Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko over “fraudulent” election – BBC News

Alexander Lukashenko saw the US intelligence center in Kiev

In Ukraine, Lukashenka’s words about the creation of a center of American special services in Kiev were answered with a meme with a fragment from a fantastic television series; Star Trek

KIEV – Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that at this period foreign special services are working against Belarus.

“The USA – they created a center near Warsaw, and now they have created it in Kiev. Okay, I would say, but we with the Russians, our intelligence and Russian intelligence have worked, we saw these centers. Not a single Pole is there. This is only territory. All Americans are sitting there – smart, talented, capable people, ”Alexander Lukashenko said on November 20 in Gomel, BelTA informs..

According to him, using the Internet, modern technologies, his opponents have destabilized the situation around the world. “Here you created, you rocked, you interfered in other people’s elections, here you got it yourself,” Alexander Lukashenko believes..

According to the Ukrinform National News Agency, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba reacted to the words of Alexander Lukashenko that the American special services from specially created centers in Kiev “rock the planet”, a video meme from the fantastic television series Star Trek.

Kuleba posted a response on Twitter.

In the video excerpt, the character of the television series, which takes place in 2364-2370, Captain Jean-Luc Picard shakes his head sadly, Ukrinform notes.

Meanwhile, regional media report that on November 20, in Minsk, thousands of people said goodbye to Roman Bondarenko, who died as a result of a bandit attack by supporters of the Lukashenka regime..

“By noon, there were already thousands of people at the church. In memory of the killed, they raised flowers, shouted: “Long live Belarus!”, “Roma, you are a hero!”, “Let’s not forget, we will not forgive!” People filled the entire space near the church, as well as the streets along it, “the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty reports. According to the newspaper, many accompanied the farewell with car signals.

It should be reminded that popular protests in Belarus have been going on since December 9 after the end of the presidential elections. Those who disagree with the results of the counting of votes, put forward demands for the departure of Alexander Lukashenko, whose government uses disproportionate force against the protest movement. According to press reports, the Belarusian authorities use various methods of pressure on the opposition and popular protests, resorting to violence..

Roman Bondarenko is a 31-year-old resident of Minsk who was taken out of the courtyards on Chervyakova Street by unknown persons on the evening of November 11. Together with other residents, he confronted unknown persons in masks who cut off the red and white ribbons – the symbols of the national flag of Belarus. The next day, Roman Bondarenko died, writes the Internet edition “Tribuna”.

“The main question now is who is involved in this crime and on whose hands is the blood of a Belarusian, whose fault lies only in the fact that he went out into the courtyard of his house?” – reports the publication.

An attempt to split society

Alexander Lukashenko’s statement on “special centers” in Kiev and other European capitals political expert of the analytical center “House of Democracy” Anatoly Oktisyuk calls it an attempt to split society from within.

“These anti-Western, anti-American and anti-Polish narratives are an attempt to find an external enemy in order to split society from within. This is a strategy to show that the revolution is not an internal Belarusian problem of the legitimacy of the authorities, but an externally inspired problem, ”Anatoly Oktisyuk tells the correspondent of the Russian service“ Voice of America ”.

He believes that the majority of Belarusians understand that the problem is not in the Americans, the problem is in Lukashenka, who has occupied the power and is terrorizing the population..

“I think that when the Russians decide to replace Lukashenka, it will be such a“ double blow ”from the opposition inside the country and from the Kremlin,” Anatoly Oktisyuk emphasizes..

A very powerful repressive apparatus also helps Alyaksandr Lukashenka stay in power, according to the political expert..

Safari in Minsk – silence in Europe

Chairman of the Razam solidarity movement (Together) Viacheslav Siuchyk believes that Belarusians do not believe in Alexander Lukashenko’s “fairy tales” about external interference.

“The terrible situation that has developed in Belarus, such as the killing of people, testifies not to the presence of centers abroad, but to the fact that for almost 25 years no serious attention was paid in the West, that Belarusians were deprived of the right to choose a leader and were deprived of legal freedoms. “, – says Vyacheslav Siuchyk to the correspondent of the Russian service” Voice of America “.

At the same time, he believes that these statements about the special services from the lips of Lukashenka were not made by chance.

“The funeral of Roman Bondarenko, who was killed by Lukashenka’s punishers, took place in Minsk, and it is clear that when Lukashenka relies only on his own punishers and Moscow, he begins to blame foreign countries for his troubles and problems,” emphasizes Vyacheslav Siuchyk.

He notes that by their actions Lukashenka and his entourage strengthen the image of the dictatorial regime..

“These are the people who arrange a kind of“ safari ”in Minsk – beating people, ripping off national symbols, they enter the closest circle of the dictator himself – the president’s press secretary and sports functionaries. Now they are running around Minsk with weapons in their hands and beating citizens, ”says Vyacheslav Siuchyk.

About the influence of Russia

Political scientist Victor Taran notes that Alexander Lukashenko has once again demonstrated his dependence and the influence of Russia on him.

“We know that Russian journalists make news in Belarus on central channels, the Russian army is infiltrating into the territory of Belarus and Belarus is becoming another cog in the“ Russian world ”. And who are the enemies of the “Russian world”? This is Georgia, the United States and now Ukraine, which is becoming an enemy of the Lukashenka regime and his power, ”Viktor Taran says to the Voice of America Russian Service correspondent..

He believes that those who are residents of the republic, who believe in democratic processes, will only laugh at such words of Lukashenka.

“If Lukashenka had said these words, for example, in July, there would have been more of those who would have believed him. But after the protest rallies, which last more than three months, Belarus wakes up, and there are much fewer such people, ”says Viktor Taran.

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