Alexander Lukashenko about Donbass: do not say that this is not a conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Belarus: Lukashenko questions Kiev’s role in Ukraine conflict

Alexander Lukashenko about Donbass: do not say that this is not a conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The Belarusian leader considers it expedient for the United States to participate in the settlement of the conflict in the east of Ukraine

KIEV – It is necessary not only to stop the war, it is necessary to restore the Donbass. This was stated by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, speaking in Minsk on October 8 at the international conference “European Security: Moving away from the brink of the abyss”.

“And not only to restore Donbass. There are even more egregious problems in Ukraine. This war and that situation has lowered Ukraine economically. She needs help. If we are capable of something, let’s decide! In fact, decide! Here we will consult, you will take your politicians by the collar and force them to solve this problem, ”the Belarusian leader noted..

He noted that Belarus felt what the conflict in Donbass is..

“160 thousand refugees who poured into our territory. I often say that I am comparing the problem of Europe, which cannot divide two or three thousand refugees from the Middle East per year, where to place them. And then there are 160 thousand, and we gave them the same status with our citizens – Belarus the next day, literally in a day, ”the press service of the President of Belarus said..

He urged not to tell him that “this is not a conflict between Russia and Ukraine”, and at the same time noted that “there is no need to ignore the unrecognized DPR and LPR”.

“Unrecognized, but they exist, they cannot be avoided. This is a matter of agreements. But the main thing is that the parties get involved in the consideration of this conflict and make decisions. Then there will be a place for both the LPR and the DPR, and there will be progress: 400 kilometers of the border, the holding of elections there, and the creation of a kind of police, ”Alexander Lukashenko stressed..

At the same time, he noted that he does not hide his opinion: without the participation of the United States, the conflict in Ukraine cannot be resolved..

“When we discussed this issue, I told Vladimir Aleksandrovich (Zelensky) that we need to make some kind of contacts, movement, because the war is with you, on your land. He says: “That’s how I understand the problem.” This is a war on Ukrainian soil. Therefore, we need to solve this problem! ” – said Alexander Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko stressed, speaking about the peacekeeping capabilities of the republic, that if Ukraine and Russia agree, Belarus will play, which will be determined by it..

He also stressed that we gave Ukraine with our own hands and “just” gave “to our rivals” – NATO.

The RBC news agency reports that the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov later commented on Lukashenko’s statements about Russia’s participation in the conflict in southeastern Ukraine. “It doesn’t matter who thinks whom, it is important here who is ready to fulfill their obligations, and who is not. The main thing is to help Ukraine cope with this vital problem for it, I mean the problem of the southeast, “he said..

About partnership between Ukraine and Belarus

In Zhitomir, on October 4, speaking at the Second Forum of the Regions of Ukraine and Belarus, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked the Belarusian counterpart who was present for the partnership between the countries.

“It is great that Belarus remains a reliable partner for Ukraine, which helps to achieve peace on the territory of our country. Territories within the borders recognized by the world community, where Crimea and Donbass are and always will be Ukraine, “he added..

Belarus and the politics of “partisanism” in Eastern Europe

Political scientist Andrey Okara believes that President Lukashenko, given his country’s economic dependence on Russia, is forced to resort to a kind of tactics of “Belarusian partisanship” in Eastern Europe.

The same applies to his statements about Donbass, they are all the more important – after all, the leader of Belarus cannot afford “absolute frankness” in words, Andrei Okara believes..

“Lukashenka not only passively watches what is happening between Russia and Ukraine, but also extrapolates this to relations between Russia and Belarus. His policy towards Russia is very specific, as if he really does not want to implement the Kremlin scenario, which will lead to the fact that in 2024 Putin becomes the head of the Russian-Belarusian state and thus resolves the issue of the transit of power in Russia at the expense of Belarus, ”says Andrey Okara to the correspondent of the Russian service “Voice of America”.

The political scientist believes that the Kremlin is very dissatisfied with the policy of Alexander Lukashenko. Moscow’s policy, he said, is aimed at the integration of Belarus, this can lead to an “Anschluss” of Belarus at any time.

“And Lukashenka opposes this in every possible way. On his submission, the Russian ambassador to Belarus Babich was recalled. In relation to Belarus, as in the situation with Crimea, such a scenario is not ruled out in the near-Kremlin circles, but it is not a priority, ”says Andrei Okara.

It’s hard to argue – there is a conflict

Ruslan Bortnik, director of the Ukrainian Institute for Policy Analysis and Management, believes that it is difficult to argue with Alexander Lukashenko – there is a conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

“The President of Belarus said that there is a conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and not that the events in Donbass are a war between the two countries. These are two different things, “says Ruslan Bortnik to the correspondent of the Russian service “Voice of America”.

According to him, Alexander Lukashenko is trying to strengthen his positioning as a peacemaker, twice offered Belarusian troops as “blue helmets” for Donbass, and is preparing to pay a visit to the European Union for the first time in many years..

“Lukashenka believes that there is a civil conflict in Ukraine with international intervention – Russian and American. His statements that Ukraine was given to NATO are to some extent a criticism of Russian foreign policy. And today Lukashenka is trying to position himself as an independent and sovereign leader, as a president who balances between the West and a “sovk”, and at the same time, as a president who is ready to reject any external interference in the affairs of Belarus, ”notes Ruslan Bortnik.

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