A panel of experts simulated US elections and came to disappointing conclusions

A panel of experts simulated US elections and came to disappointing conclusions

Almost all scenarios played out end in street riots and a constitutional crisis

A group of former high-ranking officials, retired military personnel, political strategists and lawyers conducted a series of so-called “tabletop exercises” in an attempt to determine the outcome of the upcoming US presidential election..

In June, 67 players, many of whom have negative views of President Donald Trump, played out various scenarios and came to conclusions they said were “alarming.”.

The alleged Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was played by John Podesta, a former aide to President Barack Obama and chief of staff to President Bill Clinton. The President was portrayed by two Republicans who often criticize Trump: David Fram and Bill Kristol..

In conducting “elections” amid a pandemic, recession and intensified political divisions, the group found significant risks of litigation, controversial results, violent street clashes and even constitutional deadlock..

“We predict with a high degree of probability that the November elections will be fraught with a chaotic legal and political landscape,” says a report from the Transition Integrity Project, which organized the exercise..

“We believe it is likely that the name of the winner will not become known by the evening of election day, since the ballots submitted by mail will be counted,” experts say. “This period of uncertainty gives the unscrupulous candidate the opportunity to question the legitimacy of the process and launch an unprecedented attack on the outcome.”.

Participants played out the consequences of four scenarios: Biden wins a decisive victory; Biden wins by a small margin; Trump leads the electoral college by a small margin, but is 5 percent behind in the general vote; results unknown for several weeks due to the large number of mail-in ballots.

Every scenario, with the exception of Biden’s convincing victory, ended in street riots and a constitutional crisis..

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